Attention to users with WhatsApp API

If you are a large company or one with special integration needs, this webinar may interest you, specifically if your company is in any of these situations:

– You serve a large volume of customers or users per day.
– You want to have a single WhatsApp phone number to serve all your customers.
– You need a Bot, before talking to an agent, so that it can help your clients and know what they need. To then refer it to an agent who attends it, specialized in what the client needs.
– You want to have WhatsApp conversations stored safely and forever.
– You want to automate communications so that they are sent to your customers when something happens.

Tellfy offers you a personalized solution, where you can serve your users via WhatsApp and safely store all the conversations in your organization, in an integrated way with your systems, whatever they may be, because we do not offer you a closed market product but a solution personalized, tailored to your needs.

This is what we will see in the webinar:

– Introduction to WhatsApp API
– Direct access with WhatsApp
– Using a Bot to understand user needs
– Redirect the user to the appropriate agent
– Secure storage of conversations
– Multiple agents working on conversations
– Integration with company information systems

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