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Tellfy is the app for safe and effective communication of mentoring projects

Tellfy is the perfect tool for communication between the people who make up your mentoring project: from the mentors and the mentees to the technical team of your entity. You can send different content such as text, images and questionnaires with total privacy and security.

Manage and monitor mentoring relationships in a simple, secure and centralized way

Encouragement of participation, community creation

Tellfy is a perfect tool for keeping diverse people connected and fostering a sense of community during months of the projects.

Through the app, participation can be encouraged and participants always feel close to the groups in which they participate.

Build your own community

Create a group structure adapted to the operational needs of your mentoring project. You choose what your community will be like.

You can also create a group with all the participants, coordination groups so that technical people and mentors can communicate. Or even groups of mentors, territorial groups or a group for the communication of the technical team.

Differentiate roles

Within your community there may be different profiles of people: mentors, mentees, technical team, etc. Define the role of each member of the community and manage, for example, to send different questionnaires according to the assigned role.

You can also indicate which people are part of the same mentoring relationship, facilitating the filtering of publications and responses to questionnaires. And if you want some people to have access to certain functionalities to control groups or broadcast messages, you can define who will be the administrators.

Publication of activities

You will be able to send the events, meetings and cultural proposals to keep the people participating in the project informed. Imagine that you want to organize an outing for all the tandems; or you want to hold a meeting of mentors from a specific locality or region. Or maybe you have a training schedule established from the beginning.

Through a calendar, the people you choose will be able to be informed about the news and, if you want, they will be able to indicate whether or not they will attend the event.

What if the tandems do activities that they want to share with the rest of the participants of the project? You can also establish a channel where you can share your photos and experiences with everyone!

Voting polls within the community

Sometimes you organize trainings, meetings or activities and you want to know the availability of the group, or if they prefer one activity or the other. Tellfy will allow you to easily prepare surveys and send them to the groups you want.

You can send the question within the same channel where you chat and share experiences. Participants can easily respond to the survey without having to leave the app.

General information channel for communication

Post news and useful information on the general information channel, so that the entire mentor community, including those mentored, have access to relevant and useful information.

Private groups between mentors and mentees

Mentors and mentees can send communications privately and securely from the application. Improving communication in mentoring.

you can have private conversations with everyone and give permission to whoever you want to talk to you privately. And in addition to the participation groups, you can establish one-way dissemination channels to send news and useful information.

Follow-up questionnaires

Automatically generate forms for the mentors or mentees to evaluate the encounters and the mentoring relationship.

You will be able to fully customize the form that they will receive and, later, you will be able to export all the information generated to obtain statistics and the evolution of the data collected in Excel sheet format.

Participants will be able to answer the questionnaires quickly and easily, without having to access external tools or web pages.

Maximum guarantee of information security

The communications sent are stored safely on our servers located in national territory that comply with the measures of the ENS National Security Scheme, HIGH category.

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And enjoy all the benefits of having such a versatile platform for their daily communications.

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