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Bases of the privacy policy

Last update: 1th August 2023

This Privacy Policy has been updated to adapt it to the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union, which enters into force on May 25, 2018.

The privacy of our users is important to us. Next, we will clearly and transparently expose the data we collect from our users, and the treatment we do with that data.

Personal data collected

Basic data provided by the user

To use Tellfy it is necessary to create a user account, where we ask for a series of personal data that must be supplied:

  • Email address, this will be the username that is used. We will only use your email account for purposes related to our service, such as sending you a welcome message, sending notifications or information about the service and as a means to reset your password.
  • Password. Our system saves the password of the user in a secure and encrypted way, so that we can not know which one you have put. If you lose it, you can restore it and put a new one through a link that we will send to your email
  • The name that will be shown in the communications. This name can be a pseudonym or alias.
  • Telephone, we collect it in order to avoid the creation of false accounts and to verify the account if necessary so that it corresponds to a real person or company.
  • Profile picture, the user can put the image they want in their profile picture.
  • Gender, this information is optional. We collect it in order to generate analytics of the communications sent and the use made in the system.
  • The date of birth. We collect it to ensure the user has more than 14 years and to generate analytics of the communications sent and the use made in the system.

Activity data collected

he Tellfy application collects data from messages sent through the platform and the use of the application. With the use of the application, the user accepts the collection of such data that are part of the activity that is generated in it. The data collected includes:

  • Dates and hours of use of the application
  • Navigation and activities performed in the application
  • Communities and groups to which the user joins or abandons
  • Messages sent and read by the user
  • Date and time of sending and reading communications
  • Location of messages and content sent
  • Community and group from where they are sent
  • Accesses made in the application
  • Communities and groups created with their creation date
  • Groups and communities where the user is linked
  • User navigation in the application, including the name of times the user enters communities and groups.

Device and network data collected

Para los servicios de análisis de terceros que utiliza la aplicación se recopilan los siguientes datos:

  • Client from which it is accessed (Android, iOS, Web)
  • Device model from which you can access
  • Network that is being used
  • IP and MAC of the device from which it is accessed
  • Battery level of the device
  • Network status

How we share the information

With accounts and other users of the application

  • The user’s name and profile picture that is provided will be displayed in the user’s profile. That is the public profile that will be shown to all users who access their profile. Both the name and the photo can be modified by the user within the application. Additionally, a unique user id generated by Tellfy is shown. It identifies each user on the platform.
  • The user can join within communities and groups of Tellfy. Communities and groups are configured so that the administrator can indicate if the list of members is public or private. In case it is public, users can see the other members that are part of the community and group and check their basic profile information that includes their name, profile photo and email.
  • In communities and groups with lists of private members only administrators or moderators will be able to access and consult the basic information of the users that are part of said communities or groups.
  • In enabled groups, Tellfy users can send text messages, documents and other types of information within Tellfy. The information published by the user within Tellfy will be visible to all the members that are part of the group where the information was sent. Within the groups you can join new users and access previously published information.
  • The information published in the groups is owned by the administrators of that group and ultimately by the owners of the community where this information is published, so this information is not part of the account or personal data of the group. user.
  • In addition to the groups, users can establish private conversations with other users. Private messages will only be visible by the users between whom the communications are sent. These private communications are part of the user’s personal data.
  • Administrators of a group can delete the content generated by the users who write in the group. If as a user you want to delete a message or content that you have sent, you can ask the administrator or moderator of the group to delete it. You can also request it by sending an email to with the indication of the message you want to delete, indicating community and group, date and time of the message and its content.

With administrators of communities where user is joined

  • Community administrators will be able to access the personal data provided by users who have joined in the community. In concrete, the email of the user, and also the phone or genre as long as the user has informed it.
  • Additionally, users can privately incorporate other data and attributes to the users of the community. These data can be accessed by administratos and the moderators of the groups where the users are.

Third party services

Tellfy uses the following third-party services, which allow us to improve the quality of the applications and the service we offer.

  • Crashlytics by Fabric and Aternity. They are used to help better understand the use of the application and improve the user experience, as well as to identify the causes of the failures or blockages of the application and to solve them.
  • Google Firebase. It is used to send notifications to devices.
  • Freshdesk. Used as an incident and support portal.
  • Zoom, integration with Zoom to create Zoom meetings in Tellfy. Tellfy will not collect any Zoom user account information. Only created meetings will be saved so users can access easily with a single click to the meeting.

Treatments performed on the data

Our platform processes user data and activity data by the application in order to analyze the communications generated in the platform. The analyzes we perform are intended to provide information to the community administrators about the generated communications and activity. in the communities.

Legal foundations of data collection and processing

We collect and process the data as necessary to meet our conditions of use of the service and to comply with legal aspects. Specific:

  • We request the basic data of the account so that users can access and be identified in the service.
  • Some account information requested such as email or phone allows us to verify the identity of the account created.
  • The activity data generated in the application and the optional data provided by the users allow us to obtain analytics and information about the communications of the platform.
  • Information about the device and the network used allows us to improve the application and identify and solve errors.
  • The processing of data is subject to possible claims arising from judicial requirements. In these cases we will provide the necessary information to the competent authority.

How you can exercise your rights

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, you have the right to access your data, rectify and delete it, as well as to obtain its portability.
If you want to request any of these rights, write to us at with your request and we will assist you in a personalized way.

Data retention and account deletion

Our service stores the data generated in the communities indefinitely. This is because, when accessing a group, our service allows obtaining previously published data.

When you delete your account from the platform, we will delete the following content:

  • The communities where you are the sole owner will be removed, including all the groups it contains.
  • If you are the administrator of a group in another community where you are not an owner, it will not be deleted, but you must designate a new moderator before deleting your account.
  • Your account information will be deleted, but communications that you have sent in other communities will be maintained. As in these communities you are not the owner of this information, we will not erase it, but you can request the deletion manually to the community administrator.

Privacy policy updates

On the website we will keep the privacy policy updated, indicating the date of last update. If we make relevant changes to the privacy policy, we will notify you in advance so you can review the changes.