Applications development

Mobile and Cross-Platform Application Development

In today’s world, more and more people are using their mobile devices to access the information, services, and entertainment they need. That’s why it is essential to develop applications to have a mobile app that provides an optimal user experience, adapts to different screen sizes and resolutions, and works on both Android and iOS.

Our mobile and cross-platform applications are characterized by:

If you want to have a mobile and cross-platform application that helps you connect with your target audience, provide added value to your customers, and differentiate yourself from your competition, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will advise you on the best solution for your project.

At Tellfy Comunicaciones, we are experts in mobile and cross-platform application development, using technologies like Flutter and React. These technologies allow us to create native applications with a single source code, reducing development time and costs, and making maintenance and updates easier.

Development of applications using no-code tools

Do you want to have an app for your business but lack the technical expertise and budget to hire a developer? Do you want to launch your product to the market as quickly as possible without wasting time and money on programming?

At Tellfy Comunicaciones we offer the development of communication applications with no-code tools. These tools allow you to create applications without writing a single line of code, using visual interfaces and predefined components. This way, you can design and customize your application according to your needs without relying on anyone else.

We use no-code tools such as Flutterflow, Adalo, or Bubble, which allow us to create applications for different platforms and industries.

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Integrations and automations with no-code tools

Connect different systems within your company, such as your website, CRM or ERP, email, or social media, to automate processes, improve efficiency, and save time. Do you want to do this without the need for programming or hiring a developer?

Integrations and automations with no-code tools allow you to create workflows that connect various applications without writing a single line of code. This way, you can transfer data, synchronize information, and perform actions between your systems without depending on anyone else.

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Our integrations and automations with no-code tools are characterized by:

At Tellfy Comunicaciones, we work with various no-code tools to create integrations and automations for different platforms and industries. Some examples include:

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Development of Node.js APIs for integrations between different systems within the company

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In today’s business environment, it’s increasingly important to have systems that communicate with each other, share information, and synchronize efficiently. This allows for process optimization, improved productivity, reduced errors, and better customer service.

To achieve these integrations between different systems within the company, it’s necessary to have an intermediate layer that acts as a bridge between them. This intermediate layer is called an API (Application Programming Interface) and consists of a set of rules and protocols that enable data exchange between applications.

At Tellfy Comunicaciones, we develop APIs in Node.js, a technology that allows us to create robust, scalable, and high-performance APIs. Node.js is a runtime environment based on JavaScript that uses an asynchronous, event-driven programming model. This means it can handle multiple simultaneous requests without getting blocked, making it ideal for creating APIs that require high responsiveness.

Our Node.js APIs are characterized by:

Modular and flexible design, following REST principles.

Clear and comprehensive documentation, using tools such as Swagger or Postman.

Security and authentication, using protocols like HTTPS, JWT (JSON Web Token), or OAuth.

Deployment and monitoring, utilizing tools like Docker, Kubernetes, or AWS.

Other digital solutions

At Tellfy Comunicaciones, we offer other digital solutions that will help improve your business, providing added value, innovation, and differentiation.

Among these solutions, we highlight the following:

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Integration with AI systems

We assist you in connecting your applications with artificial intelligence systems such as Azure or Google services, enabling your applications to have an AI layer that enhances user experience, personalization, and optimization. For instance, you can use AI for image recognition, text translation, sentiment analysis, or content generation.

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Integration with ChatGPT

We assist you in connecting your applications with ChatGPT, an AI-based text generation system that allows you to create natural and seamless conversations with your users. For example, you can use ChatGPT to develop chatbots, virtual assistants, interactive games, or creative content.

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Payment platform integration

We assist you in integrating payment platforms into your applications, such as Stripe or Redsys, which enable you to provide your users with a secure, easy, and fast way to make online payments. For example, you can use payment processors to sell products, services, or subscriptions within your applications.