Organize and save time in the communication of your sports club

Tellfy is the app for better communication in your sports club

Tellfy is the perfect tool for effective communication of your club.

You can send different content such as communications, news or calls for matches, privately and safely to the players and their families.

Centrally managed Team Groups

Club news channels

Create news channels to communicate to the club members relevant information that they will receive instantly on their device.

You can have various segmented channels to publish information of various types. Members of your club can join the groups they want to be informed of everything that happens in your club.

In the news, the users of the group can react indicating whether they like the news or not and can send comments in the same post.

Don't miss any conversation, even if you're late for the group

Upon entering a Tellfy group you will have access to all previously published communications, so if you are late you will be able to catch up with everything that has been published.

You can configure the groups as public or moderated. If they are moderated, before a user can access, a moderator will have to approve their entry to the group.

Communicate with other team members with total privacy

With Tellfy you can communicate with any member of the team and without needing to know anyone’s email or phone.

When you access the team members you will see the name and a description of who they are. And from here you can start a private conversation with any of them, with just one click.

Simplicity to enter the groups, without having to give phone numbers

Club members, whether they are coaches, technicians, staff, players, family members, fans … can enter groups of your community comfortably and independently.

Once within the community they can search all groups and connect or request to join them.

You can also share the QR code so that with a simple approach to the camera of your device connect them with the group they want to access.

Quick polls to your club members

In addition to the usual contents of text, photos, documents and voice memos, you can create Surveys to poll team members about the topics you want.

Get anonymous results in real time and energize the participation of club members.

Manage calls for matches and other club events

You can create calls in your groups and set the attendance confirmation until a deadline.

Create club events and limit if you want the number of places available for each event.

You will be able to access the lists of registered people and have a better management of those called to the parties.

Get the reception and reading information of your communications

By accessing any communication from your groups you can know who has reached it and who has read the communication.

Pin your most important communications

You can pin the converstions you want in your groups, so that team members can quickly access them and not overlook them.

Get metrics and statistics of your communications

On the analytics website you can access the metrics of your community.

Check how many messages you send per month, the most active users and groups in your community, the busiest time slots or the results of your surveys.

Send communications from the web centrally

From Tellfy Web ( you can access and send communications to your groups.

Drag images or documents to send from your computer or from Google Drive.

From the web you can also manage all your access requests and approve them in bulk.

Request more information

Contact with us to request a Tellfy demo, obtain pricing information, and see how the solution can help with the communication of your club.