Tellfy > End-user license agreement (EULA)

End-user license agreement (EULA)

These Terms of Use govern how you use Tellfy and they provide information on the service offered, described in detail below. When you create a Tellfy account or use the platform, you accept these conditions.

Tellfy service

We accept to provide you with the Tellfy Service, which includes the products, functions, applications, features, technologies and software that we offer to fulfill the purpose of our platform, that is, improve communications in your daily life. Depending on the plans or level of your user account, you will have access to some functions or others. Also, depending on the plan of each account, you can establish different levels of support and service that will be specifically specified in each plan.

Tellfy is a cloud service that allows communication between groups and people. By downloading the Tellfy application and creating a user account you can join communities and groups of interest to receive and send communications.

Data policy

To provide our Service, we must collect and use your information. The Data Policy explains how we collect, use and share information at Tellfy. The ways in which you can control your information are also explained.

Who can use Tellfy

To be able to use Tellfy you must be at least 14 years old.

If you are a minor, you can still use the application with the prior consent of your parents or guardians. Tellfy does not manage consent from the application, so the user is responsible for its registration and for having obtained any necessary consent for its use. 

Contents generated by the user

The user is responsible for the use of the Services, for any Content published on the platform and for the consequences derived therefrom. The Content submitted, published or displayed by the user may be seen by other users of the platform. Only the Content that you really want to share with other people in these Terms should be provided.

Offensive content

It is prohibited to send communications with any content that may be offensive or inappropriate. Any communication with offensive content may be removed by community administrators or by Tellfy administrators. A user may communicate to the administrator or moderator of the group any content that he considers offensive from the contact section.

Also, the user can contact through the email address hola @ to communicate any incident or offensive content that is published. Abusive users who send or make inappropriate use of the platform may be expelled from the groups or communities where they participate. Tellfy may block or eliminate at its discretion any user account that violates the terms of use of the application.

Restrictions on use of the service

  • Do not pretend to be another person or provide incorrect information. It is not necessary for you to reveal your identity, but it is not permissible for you to go through or supplant another person.
  • Do not engage in illegal, deceptive or fraudulent activities, or for illegal or unauthorized purposes.
  • Do not post private or confidential content of any person, or carry out any activity that infringes the rights of another person, including your intellectual or industrial property rights.
  • Do not take any action that interferes with the Service or prevent it from functioning as intended.
  • Share only photos and videos that you have made or have the right to share. You are the owner of the content that you post on Tellfy. Remember to post authentic content; do not publish anything that you have copied or found from the internet, and that you do not have the right to publish.
  • Follow the Law. Remember to follow the applicable legislation at all times and do not take actions or share content that violates it.
  • Respect the rest of users of the platform. We do not accept communications that result in threats, insults, hate speech or other offensive content.

Permissions you grant

  • You are the owner of the content you post. However, when you share, post or upload content that is protected by intellectual property rights (such as photos or videos) on our platform, you are granting Tellfy a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to host, distribute , modify, maintain, reproduce, display or publicly communicate said content (in accordance with the privacy policy). You can delete the content at any time to terminate this license. However, we are not responsible for the uses, sharing or downloads that other users have made of the content before it was deleted.
  • You agree that we can download and install updates to the Tellfy service application on your device.

Incident management

The following procedure will be followed for incidents:

  • Incidents detected in the system that are blocking will be dealt with as quickly as possible to return the system to an operational state.
  • Minor incidents or those that do not imply a blockage to the operation of the system will be registered and resolved according to the planning of new versions of the tool.

The real-time status of the services is automated and can be accessed through the address

Any major incident in the subsystems will be communicated through this portal, along with the estimated resolution time.

Support portal

The user can use our support portal at the address from which they can report new incidents and track their resolution.

Users can register with the portal to track their tickets.

Tellfy customers can have specific SLA service agreements, so they can get a specific response and resolution time as set out in the service contract.