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Tellfy for corporate communication

With Tellfy, you can create multiple communities and groups for your offices or departments, establish different corporate communication channels to send segmented information, and create versatile communication groups to facilitate the coordination of work teams, both with internal and external individuals from the organization.

Furthermore, you can have private conversations with other members of the company or association, with complete privacy assurance, as your personal data is not shared among the rest of the community members.

Tellfy, the internal communication platform you've been looking for for your organization

All the functionalities of Tellfy with your corporate image.

Enhance corporate communication while strengthening your brand. Customize the Tellfy application to match the image and corporate identity of your organization.

Communitacion Analytics

You can analyze communications through the analytics web, which provides metrics and statistics.

Integrable with client systems

The system has an API through which you can create groups and automatically add or remove users.

Secured Communications

Communications travel securely via SSL and are stored in encrypted form. They are stored on servers with a high-level ENS security rating.

No user limits

A highly scalable platform, we can have communication groups without any user limit.

Segment your communications by attributes

Tellfy allows sending to individuals and groups by segmenting based on attributes. It enables easy centralized management of deliveries, ensuring you reach only the people you want at any given moment.

comunicación corporativa

To whom are we addressing?

Tellfy is aimed at companies with a large number of employees, both from the company itself and from subcontracted or external companies, who are often working outside the office, such as in factories or stores.

These are frontline workers, situated in multiple offices and locations, who may not have access to a computer but can easily receive communications on their mobile devices.

Tellfy is the communication platform you’ve been looking for for the mobile teams within your organization.

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Tellfy is oriented towards

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Retail/ Distribution

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