Your space to send information about your residents and improve communication with their families

Tellfy is the app for better communication between your nursing home and family

Tellfy is the perfect tool for communication between your nursing home and family members.

Communication between your residence and the residents families is essential to guarantee the tranquility and well-being of everyone. With Tellfy, you have at your disposal a platform specifically designed to improve communication between your residence and families.

You will be able to send different content, such as medical history or news, make video calls without a time limit, obtain metrics and statistics and send a daily agenda with total privacy and security.

Tellfy is the app for better communication between your nursing home and their families

Send multiple contents

Send text messages, images, documents, announcements, voice notes, videos or quick surveys in the same communication space.

Video calls with relatives without time limit

You will be able to carry out video consultations with family members in a simple way, without a time limit and without the need to use any other additional software.

Private and secure

We preserve the information of family members and center staff, not sharing any personal information.

Communications travel in a protected environment and are stored securely on our servers.

Obtain metrics and statistics of your communications

On the analytics website you can access the metrics of your community.

Check how many messages you send per month, the most active users and groups, the busiest time slots or the results of your surveys.

Send communications from the web centrally

From Tellfy Web ( you can access and send communications to your groups.

Drag images or documents to send them from your computer or from Google Drive.

From the web you can also manage all access requests from family members and approve them en masse.

Send segmented communications

Tellfy allows you to send segmented communications, that is, messages to only a portion of the residence’s contacts.

You can divide your messages according to which groups you want a communication to be sent to, and even segment by floors of your residence.

Manage authorizations

You can request authorizations so that your residents relatives can approve the carrying out of specific activities.

Day agenda

Tellfy has an agenda to record daily activity and observations of the resident, you can configure the fields to adapt them to the needs of your residence.

You can copy values to other residents with a single click and send them manually or automatically to family members.

These centers are already using Tellfy

And they enjoy all the advantages that provide them with such a versatile platform in their daily communications.

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