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Tellfy organizes your communications through Communities that contain Communication Groups and users. Join the Communities and groups of your interest and start receiving instantly the generated communications. Participate in the groups and contact privately with the moderators and users. Tellfy improves the agility and efficiency of your daily communications.


Tellfy gives you full versatility to organize your communications.

Create your community for your collective. Create the groups you want within your community. Provides public, moderate or private access to the content. Share with your users to join the groups.

Effective and private

Get effective and private communication with Tellfy.

Generate communications with instant notifications. Share texts, images, documents, videos, voice memos or announcements. Send surveys to your users. Generate and follow conversations with ease. And with total security and privacy.


Get valuable information about what is happening in your community in real time.

Access to metrics of the communications sent in your community, more active groups, hours of use of your users, location of survey results, recommendations and much more.

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Main Features

Discover some of Tellfy’s outstanding features.


Create your community for yout group. Your community will be the space that will contain your communication groups and users.

Types of communication

Tellfy allows to communicate effectively, encourage the participation of groups and give attention to the user.

Types of Access

Your communities and groups can have public, moderate or private access. Configure them to your liking according to your needs.

Analytics and Intelligence

Get metrics and valuable information from the communications generated in your community.

Private Chats

Enable or disable private chats with users where they can communicate one to one. Establish a white list of users with permission to send messages.

Send multiple contents

Send texts, images, documents, videos, audios, voice memos, announcements and surveys to your groups.

Easy access to groups

Share links or the QR Code to your users to let them access to your groups or allow them to search for them in the application.

Privacy and security

Preserve the privacy of users in your community in a secure communication environment. Privacy of personal data of users is one of the main focus of Tellfy.

Usage Scenarios


Tellfy allows instant communication in companies with total privacy. Send general communications and create groups for work teams, events and corporate activities.

Schools and training

Schools, nurseries or training scenarios, Tellfy facilitates the communication with students and families with simple and direct communication channels.

Sports clubs

Organize and facilitate communication with all strata of your sports club. Staff, technical staff, teams, subsidiaries, sponsors, clubs, media.


Tellfy allows you to send news and communications to citizens and encourage their participation with debates, suggestions, surveys or sending incidents on streets.

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Create your community and communicate effectively with your group or interest group

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