Tellfy is the communication platform that adapts to your organization.

Tellfy is much more than a communication app

plataforma de comunicación

Communicate with Tellfy instantly and with complete privacy.

Manage communications and users in a centralized manner. Obtain valuable real-time information about communications through metrics and statistics.

Use Tellfy in your educational center

Learn about some of the specific features of Tellfy for schools

  • Digital authorizations
  • Agenda
  • Collection of fees
  • Absences

And much more!

plataforma de comunicación

Communicate with your community or group

Tellfy is the Instant Communication App to communicate with your group privately and securely. Create your Community and share it with your users. Create one-way communication groups, participation groups, or customer service channels with your group.

These are some of the groups where you can use Tellfy

School communication

Preschool communication

Communication of the old's home

Mentoring communication

Communication in sports clubs

plataforma de comunicación

Tellfy integrates with WhatsApp API

Provide excellent customer service with WhatsApp and Tellfy

Improving communication with your contacts and customers is easy with the combination of WhatsApp and Tellfy. You can assist customers through WhatsApp, send marketing communications, save all conversations, and obtain analytics and metrics of the messages sent.

plataforma de comunicación
plataforma de comunicación

Enhance internal communication with Tellfy

With Tellfy, you can create multiple communities and groups for your offices or departments, establish different communication channels for sending segmented information, and create versatile communication groups to facilitate team coordination.

Development of communication applications

Tellfy creates the communication application your organization needs. At Tellfy, we build tailor-made communication platforms as turnkey projects, recognizing that each company is unique and so are its needs.

Reach the people you want with the Tellfy communication platform


Organized communications. Easy reading and tracking.


Create participation groups, private groups, or customer service groups.


Configure communication access as needed: private, restricted, or public.


Automated communication delivery.


Access to communication history.


Geolocated communications.


Metrics and communication analysis.


Integratable with other systems.


Automatic management of user registrations and removals.


Communications travel in a secure environment.

Tellfy is a communication platform that adapts to your needs

Tellfy offers you the possibility to have a white-label application with your organization’s corporate branding. Maximum security and privacy for communications, with the option of having a dedicated installation on your servers.

plataforma de comunicación

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Tellfy te proporciona total versatilidad para organizar tus comunicaciones.

Efectivo y privado

Consigue una comunicación efectiva y privada con Tellfy.


Obtén información de valor de lo que está sucediendo en tu comunidad en tiempo real.

Save time and costs with the implementation of the Tellfy platform to manage all your communications and contacts.