Private and secure communication platform, where you can manage all communications quickly


Tellfy gives you full versatility to organize your communications.

Effective and private

Get effective and private communication with Tellfy.


Get valuable information about what is happening in your community in real time.

Internal communication

With Tellfy you can create several communities and groups for your offices or departments, establish different communication channels to send segmented information and create versatile communication groups to facilitate the coordination of work groups.

Communication platform for groups

Tellfy is the Instant Communication App to communicate with your group privately and securely. Create your Community and share it with your users. Create one-way communication groups, participation groups or service channels with your group.

Communication by WhatsApp

Improve communication with your contacts and clients with WhatsApp and Tellfy. You will be able to serve the customer through WhatsApp, send Marketing communications, save all the conversations and obtain analytics and metrics of the shipments.

Main features

communication of your city

Types of communication

You can create information channels, participation groups or service channels. If you want you can also enable private communications between users.

Types of access

All your channels can be open or restricted, so that only the people you authorize at any time can access them.

comunicación de tu municipio

Sending communications

Send your communications so that they receive them instantly from the APP or also send them via email or even WhatsApp (*).

comunicación con los clientes

Send multiple contents

Send text communications, images, documents, audio, surveys, news, events, digital authorizations or video calls

comunicación con los clientes

Privacy and security

You are the sole owner of your communications and data, which are stored on secure servers that comply with the high category ENS (National Security Scheme).

communication of your club


Access analytics to see statistics and communication metrics, such as the most active groups and people and hours of use of the application.

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Tellfy free to fight COVID-19

The current moment in which we find ourselves, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, forces us to make many changes in our work environments, now is the time to expand technologies in organizations to improve communication and collaboration between equipment. For this reason, we make our professional instant communication solution Tellfy available to you,


Tellfy is easy, versatile and effective.

Save time and costs by implementing the Tellfy platform to manage all your communications and contacts.