Enhance communication between preschools, families, and educators

Tellfy is the management and communication platform for preschools

Tellfy is the perfect tool for communication between your preschool and families.

You can instantly send various types of content to the families of your preschool to keep them informed about everything happening at the center.

Manage your preschool centrally

Classroom groups

Create specific groups for each classroom with restricted access for families.

You can define individuals with permissions to send communications to each classroom and share images, documents, daily summaries, general reminders, etc.

Events with registrations

From the application, you can create activities with a limited capacity, allowing individuals to register for the activity with just one click until reaching the maximum number of available slots.

You can also extract the complete list of all registered participants.

Quick surveys

Conduct quick surveys with families, either anonymous or non-anonymous, as you decide in each case.

You can choose whether respondents can select one or multiple possible answers.

For non-anonymous surveys, you can export an Excel file with the votes from each family.


Preserve user privacy. No personal data of users or educators is shared. We comply with European GDPR regulations. Communications are securely transmitted and stored on our servers, which comply with the high-level ENS (National Security Framework) standards. You are the sole owner of the data and communications you send.

Digital authorization management

Send legally valid digital authorizations. Tellfy will act as a trusted third party, providing evidence of authorization.

You can download an Excel file containing all authorizations.

Students management

Student management with personal data profiles. Assign students to each class for the childcare agenda and attendance tracking.

Keep lists of students and don’t lose any information: active students, waitlist, and alumni.

Easily export all data to Excel.

Childcare agenda

An agenda to record daily activities and observations of the child. You can configure the fields to tailor them to the needs of your center.

You can copy values to other children with a single click and send them manually or automatically to families.

Attendance records

Track class attendance. It can be done on a daily basis or by time slots, morning or afternoon, and generate attendance reports by dates or by student.

Tellfy faltas asistencia

Credit card payments

Exclusive platform to manage online payments for your center. Payment of fees, meals, equipment, etc. You can make payments with a credit card or Bizum.

Export an Excel sheet with the list of individuals who have paid for a specific service. We offer the lowest bank commissions in the market.

Billing modules

Define recurring billing items. Includes recurring invoices with the option to validate each issued invoice.

Export monthly billing for SEPA bank collections to charge fees through the bank.

Option to include occasional items that increase monthly billing and specify days when the student has been absent to deduct the amount from the total.

And many other possibilities:

Information channel for all families, a general bulletin board. You can send any communication and make it instantly reach all families.

You can also define authorized individuals to send communications through this channel.

Send individual communications to families. You can individually communicate with each family regarding the child. Optionally, families can also privately write through this channel to communicate any circumstances about the child.

Within this channel, you can have as many educators as desired, and any of them can respond.

Make unlimited-duration video calls. You can organize tutoring sessions, coordination meetings, or even virtual classes.

Tellfy has its own video conferencing servers, ensuring the security and confidentiality of communication.

From the application, you can have real-time control over who has received and read your communications, and you can download an Excel file with the reading information for each message.

Web-based access where you can create and configure communications.

Manage users and families, send and receive communications. Send communications via email.

Import families from Excel. Invite individuals separately, easily add or remove them from groups, and define moderators for each communication channel.

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