Improve communication with your contacts and customers with WhatsApp and Tellfy

Would you like to communicate with your clients, suppliers, and collaborators through WhatsApp?

Communication with WhatsApp API integration is ideal for medium and large organizations that require some level of automation in their communications. Additionally, they want to communicate professionally and securely.

WhatsApp API is not a standalone application, so you need an external platform, such as Tellfy, to harness all its benefits and functionalities.

With WhatsApp API integration, you can send transactional and marketing messages to your customers and contacts from Tellfy, and they will receive them on their WhatsApp.

If you prefer to connect with your contacts and customers from your own applications and in a completely automated manner, at Tellfy Communications, we offer the necessary services for you to connect WhatsApp with your applications using WhatsApp API.

Don't miss out on everything the combination of WhatsApp and Tellfy can offer you

Customer service through WhatsApp with multiple agents

Unlimited agents without them needing direct access to WhatsApp.

Creation of automated assistants (Bots) for automated support

Create bots to enhance customer support and assistance, providing quick and useful information to your contacts and clients.

Sending segmented and scheduled communications through WhatsApp

Segment your clients into multiple groups and send communications to their WhatsApp with a single click.

Analytics, statistics, and metrics of your message deliveries thanks to Tellfy

Sent communications, messages per agent and/or user, advanced analytics.

Make it easy for your customers

Centralize communications in Tellfy and have your customers and contacts receive them on WhatsApp.

Integrations of your applications with WhatsApp API

Our services include everything you need to connect with WhatsApp:

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If you want to connect with your contacts through Tellfy or your own applications using WhatsApp API integration, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll advise you on the best solution for your project.