Differences between WhatsApp versions

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging applications in the world, and has become an essential tool for communicating with friends, family, and clients. In this article, we will see the differences between the different Standard, Business, and API versions, looking at the limitations of each one, and explaining when it is convenient to … Read more

Tellfy changes its design

To finish the year in a good way and start the next one with strength, Tellfy renews its design! We have a more modern design and we have also improved the design of several screens in the apps, mainly of the initial registration and login processes, to make them more intuitive and easy to use. … Read more

Create text templates and canned responses with Texpand

When you have to write long repetitive texts, being able to have templates with predefined texts is very helpful. In this article we will explain how you can use the Texpand application on Android devices that will allow you to create text templates, which you can then use within your Tellfy groups or conversations. Whether … Read more

Troubleshoot notification issues in Xiaomi

If you have a Xiaomi device, these come with a security and energy management application that in certain cases can block notifications that you receive from Tellfy. So you don’t miss any notification, follow the steps below, which are based on the version of the MIUI 10 interface. 1.Locate and access the Security application of … Read more