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Groups List

When you access a community, you will find communication groups that you can join autonomously or send the union request to them in case they are moderate groups.

To see the groups in a community, access it. In the lower menu bar, select the Search option and then enter the Search groups option. All public or moderate groups that you can join will appear. The service channels available in the community will also appear.

The groups can be of various types.

  • You can find communication groups where you are kept informed of the latest news regarding this group.
  • You can find open groups where all group participants can send messages and other content.
  • You can find service groups that allow you to communicate with the community individually for a specific topic.

On the group listing screen you will find all the groups you have joined in a community.

You can join as many groups as you want. You can also leave them when they no longer interest you!

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