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Edit group

In order to access this function your user must be an Administrator or moderator of the Group.

To modify group settings, follow next steps:

  • Access the Group you want to modify. Once inside, click on the upper right button to access the group menu and then select the Modify group option.
  • You can change here all the parameters of the group:
    • Edit Name. Change group name
    • Change the group image, to select a new group image.
    • Change description, to modify the group description.
    • Type of group. You can switch between the types of Communication and Discussion group. This option is useful if for a certain time you want to open a group to all users to send content and after a while, you want to prevent them from sending more content. In this case you can change it from Discussion to Communication. In case you have created the group as an Attention group, you cannot change its type.
    • Type of subscription, allows you to change your group between public, moderate or private
    • Set if you want your group member list to be public or not
    • Configure whether you want the group administrators list to be public or not