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Create broadcast to users of a group

In order to access this function your user must be an Administrator or moderator of the Group. In order to create a broadcast, private chats must be enabled in the community or even when disabled, you are part of the white list of users who can send them.

A broadcast allows the same message to be sent to a series of individual users. This way you can send the same communication to several users in a single step.

To send a broadcast follow these steps:

  • Enter into a group.
  • Once inside, access the side menu to go to the option to create Broadcast.
  • Select the type of content you want to send:
    • Text message, allows you to define a text message to send
    • Image, select an image to send
    • Document, allows you to select a document to send
  • Once you have created the content, press the option to select users to choose from the list of users in the group who will receive this content.
  • Click on the option Spread. The content will be sent to the selected users as a private message.
  • You can go to the private chat screen with users to see the content sent. When you create a broadcast, if the chat with a user did not exist, it will be created automatically. If it already exists, the content you have sent in the broadcast will be attached to the existing content of that chat.

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