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July 2018 update


We inform you of the news of the new update of Tellfy of the version published in July 2018, for Android and iOS platforms.


  • Access by URLs. Access to Tellfy communities and groups is easier than ever. Now you can join the groups directly with their code through the address or For example with you will access a demonstration group communication group.
  • Identifiers for communities and groups. Now you can put a representative identifier to your community and groups to facilitate their sharing and access. To assign an identifier, go to edit the community or group and choose the option to modify identifier. The identifier you assign will be unique to your community and within the community, there cannot be two groups with the same identifier. This way you can now have links like to access the Tellfy community or to access the news of the new versions.
  • Other improvements. We have made other improvements in the applications, such as the English translation of the Android application and in the iPhone we have incorporated the possibility of filtering groups and users through a search engine at the top of the screen.

Have a great holiday! See you in September!

The Tellfy team