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Guide to create posts

Today we explain the new content type Post that we incorporate in the latest Tellfy update. In this guide we explain how to create new posts and some tricks to get the most out of this new functionality.

Posts allow us to create an announcements, news, offers or any type of communication through a card that contains an image, the title of the post and its content. The post also accept reactions from users and comments can be made shortly.

To create a new Post, first of all we will go to the group where we want to send it and click on the clip icon to show the contents menu.

When selecting the Post, we will have to fill in the form to include the title of the post, the image and the content or body of the post.

The image is not mandatory, if we do not set any image we will see a default image in the publication.

In the content we can write in bold format, incorporating asterisks * between the text we want to highlight. For example, if we write * this is a bold text * it will mark the text this is a bold text.

We can also put links to websites within the posts, thus facilitating access to additional or complementary information to the publication.

Before sending the post, the application will show us a preview of how this publication will be in the group. If we want to change something, we just have to go back and modify what we want. Once we have the post ready we will only have to send it so that it reaches all the users of the group.

In posts, users can react. We have incorporated the following emoticons so they can express what they feel about your publication and interact.

? – I like it

? – I enjoy

? – I’m sad

? – I don’t like

Advice: Use Posts in a communication group. In this type of group your users will not be able to write, but they will be able to react by pressing one of the emoticons and they will be able to post comments shortly. You will maintain in this way a group with relevant information, easy to read and follow, maintaining the interaction with your users.

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