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Pinned messages

To use this function you must be an administrator or group moderator

You can mark a message as pinned. This message will appear at the top of the group screen for all users, so they can always access the message easily.

Use this function when you want to mark a message as important and you want users to always have it in view when entering the group.

To mark a message as highlighted, follow the steps below:

  • Enter the group where you want to mark the message as pinned.
  • Select the message with a long press. If you are Android user touch the button at right upper side to let the menu appear. On iPhone you will see it the context menu automatically when select the message.
  • Press the pin message button.

You can pin any content, be it a text, image, document, event or poll.

You can pin the messages you want by following the same procedure. There is no limit on the number of pinned messages that can be in a group.

You will see that, if there are pinned messages, a top bar appears in different color indicating there are pinned messages. You can click on it to access a screen where you will see all the group’s pinned messages.

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