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Bookmark messages

You can bookmark a message in a group or chat. The favorite messages allow each user to indicate which messages they want to save in order to access them easily later. For example, you can bookmark relevant text messages, as well as images or documents in which you want to have easy access.

To bookmark a message, follow the steps below:

  • Enter the group where you want to mark the message
  • Select the message with a long press
  • Press the mark message button as a favorite. In Android you have it at the top of the screen in a star-shaped icon. On iPhone you will see it in the context menu that appears when you select the message.

You can bookmark any content, be it a text, image, document or survey.

You can bookmark the messages you want by following the same procedure. There is no limit on the number of favorite messages you can have in a group.

Marcar favorito