Communication space for mentoring

Mentoring Communication App

Tellfy is the perfect tool for communication between mentors and mentees. Thanks to its simple interface based on instant messaging, it is easy to use for all the members of your association.

Publication of activities

From the application, the mentors will be able to publish and share all the activities they carry out with the mentees, in a simple and practical way.

Coordination groups

Create coordination groups so that technical people and mentors can communicate.

General information channel

Post news and useful information on the general information channel, so that the entire mentor community, including those mentored, have access to relevant and useful information.

Private groups between mentors and mentees

Mentors and mentees can hold conversations privately and securely from the application.

Evaluation questionnaires

Automatically generate forms for mentors or mentees to evaluate mentoring relationships and encounters. You will be able to fully customize the form they will receive and later you will be able to exploit all the information generated to obtain statistics and evolution of the data collected in Excel.

Maximum guarantee of information security

The communications sent are stored safely on our servers located in national territory that comply with the measures of the ENS National Security Scheme, HIGH category.

These centers are already using Tellfy

And they enjoy all the advantages of having such a versatile platform in their daily communications.

Request more information

Contact us to request a Tellfy demo, get pricing information and see how the solution can help you communicate your mentoring.

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