Instant communication to your citizens and ease of participation

Communication and Citizen Participation App for your city

Tellfy is the App that helps you be closer than ever to your citizens. Download our brochure of what we can do to improve the communication of your city and encourage citizen participation.

Instant communication channels with your citizens

With Tellfy you will have instant communication channels to communicate news in your town or city. Your citizens can subscribe to the channels of their interest and receive instant notifications when news occurs. Send text, photos, documents, voice memos and much more in an easy and practical way.
Noticias del municipio
Eventos y actividades del municipio

Publish the events and activities of your municipality and manage your registration

You can send the events and cultural agenda of your municipality to keep everyone informed of the various activities that are organized.

In addition, if you want, your citizens can indicate whether or not they will attend the event and you can even limit the number of places available for those activities that have a limited capacity.

Easy communication of incidents on public roads

With Tellfy, your citizens can easily send you incidents of public roads.

From the App itself, with a very simple interface with messaging style, they can send you the incident and take pictures of what happens.

In addition, if you already have an incident management system, Tellfy can be integrated with it to automatically send you the issues that are reported.

Private and constructive citizen proposals

With Tellfy you can enable a channel for citizens to make their own proposals for improvements in the city. Surely there are many valuable proposals that can be carried out and that will improve the quality of life of your residents! Unlike Twitter or other social networks where communications are visible to everyone, this communication channel is private between the citizen and the city council, so the proposals tend to be more constructive and collaborative.

Citizen participation groups in debates

Enable groups for citizens to discuss concrete proposals, where each one can present their ideas in a simple and agile way. The citizen participation platforms are usually very procedural and not very collaborative. They are also web platforms in which the degree of citizen involvement and participation is low. It is very easy with Tellfy to join a participation group on concrete improvement proposals and discuss with the rest of the neighbors involved. And always maintaining total privacy of personal data.
Participación ciudadana en debates

Surveys and surveys of citizens

In addition to the usual contents of text, photos, documents and voice memos, you can create Surveys or polls to know the opinion of your citizens on a specific topic. The results you will get are anonymous and in real time, you can take into account the opinion of your municipality for all aspects that require consensus. In addition, if the people who respond to your survey has allowed the location, you will be able to see the answers in a geolocated way but totally anonymously in your Tellfy analytics.

Easy to join groups

Your citizens can connect to your groups through several options. First, they can do so through a direct link to the group or through their QR code, so that only by pointing the camera can they connect. In the community of your city you can also search for available groups and you can connect to those public groups directly. Or ask for access in groups that are moderated. By joining a group, the citizen will be able to see everything that has been previously published in it, so that they can be informed of everything and no important information will be lost.
Privacidad ciudadanos GDPR

The privacy of your citizens is important

We do not share personal data with other members. Neither mail, nor telephone, nor date of birth, nor anything personal.

In the channels you can establish that the list of members is not seen, so citizens will not know who else is in these groups.

Tellfy App does not show who enters and leaves the groups. Or who of your contacts has registered in the application. Unlike WhatsApp or Telegram, privacy is essential for us and for your citizens to feel safe.

Get analytics of your communications

On the analytics website you can access the metrics of your community.

Check how many messages you send per month, the most active users and groups in your community, the busiest time slots or the results of your surveys.

Send communications centrally from the web

From Tellfy Web ( you can access and send communications to your groups.

Drag images or documents to send from your computer or from Google Drive.

From the web you can also manage all your access requests and approve them in bulk.

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