Improve communication with your contacts and clients with WhatsApp and Tellfy

Use of WhatsApp and Tellfy

Customer service via WhatsApp by multiple agents

Save all conversations and link to your systems

Sending Marketing communications by WhatsApp

Analytics, statistics and metrics of shipments thanks to Tellfy

Centralize communications in Tellfy and have your clients and contacts receive it on WhatsApp.

Benefits of WhatsApp and Tellfy

Unlimited sending of communications.

Interaction (sent/received) in Tellfy with reading status information.

Conversations always visible and searchable from Tellfy.

Unlimited agents without having to have access to WhatsApp.

Store the history of conversations and export or save in your ERP/CRM.

Tellfy analytics. Communications sent, Messages by agent / user. Advanced analytics.

WhatsApp conversation verification service (via blockchain).

Segment customers into various groups and send communications to their WhatsApp with one click.

Creation of Marketing campaigns and receiving responses instantly.

Communication via web or mobile (Tellfy APPs).

Creation of Bots that support customers.

Sending surveys and massive polls through WhatsApp.

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