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Communication and Citizen Participation in your City

Tellfy helps you be closer to your citizens. It doesn’t matter if you are a small town or a big city. Download here our brochure of what we can do to improve the communication of your municipality and encourage citizen participation.


With your Tellfy community for your municipality you will have the following benefits.

  • Have communication channels to communicate news and news of what is happening in your town or city.
  • Publish the next events so that your citizens receive them on their mobile instantly.
  • Open a channel so that your citizens can communicate the incidents that occur in your municipality, simply by sending text and images of what has happened.
  • Create participation groups so that your citizens can discuss proposals.
  • Have a link of type so that your users join your community with a single click.
  • Have QR codes for each of your groups so that your citizens join with just pointing the camera of their mobile.
  • You can create channels for your citizens to send you their own improvement proposals for the municipality.
  • You can do surveys of your citizens to know their opinion on the topics you want. And you can see the results of the surveys segmented by gender and age of the population.

These are just some benefits that you will have when using Tellfy for the communication of your municipality. Tellfy also provides another advantage: its versatility: you can configure your community by incorporating or starting only with those functions you want.

And best of all: Now you can start for free with your city community! Download the application, create the community for your municipality and start communicating with your citizens.

In our help section you will find everything you need to create your community and set up your groups. But if you need help, contact us or send us an email to and we will help you set up the community for your municipality for free.

A new way to communicate in your city

City news

Our communication channels allow you to communicate news quickly to your citizens, who will receive instant notification of the news on their devices as soon as it occurs.


You can send the events and cultural agenda of your municipality to keep everyone informed of the various activities that are organized.

Facilitates collaboration and citizen participation

Communication of incidents

With Tellfy your citizens can easily send you incidents of public roads. With a very simple interface with messaging style they can send you the incident and take pictures of what happens.

Citizen Proposals

Enable a channel for citizens to make their own improvement proposals in the municipality. Surely there are many valuable proposals that can be carried out and that will improve the quality of life of the citizens!

Participation groups in debates

Enable groups for citizens to discuss concrete proposals, where each one can present their ideas in a simple and agile way.

Download Tellfy now and create a start for free the community for your city

Tellfy helps you improve communication and citizen participation in your city from the beginning. Download the application, create your community, create your groups and share them with your users so that everyone is connected.

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